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Gutters are essential for the safety of your property against water damage, roof leaks, and foundation problems. Gutters are developed to direct rainwater from the roof effectively and safely away from the building’s foundation. When gutters are damaged, they break down in this critical function.

At American Gutter Masters, we expertly repair damaged guttering and downspouts to restore maximum water flow and preserve your home. Our experienced service technicians can mend most kinds of gutters, so there’s no requirement to keep exposing your home to the threat of water damage.

When gutters are damaged, dripping, or improperly maintained, they fail to work optimally, increasing the danger of expensive water damage. They need to be repaired to bring back normal function. In addition, damaged guttering interferes with the curb appeal of your home.

This page offers you assistance in recognizing when your gutter system needs repair so you can act swiftly to avoid damage to your property.

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Cabot’s, AR # 1 Gutter Repair Service

Let our professional staff at American Gutter Masters keep your property safe! Get your gutters expertly repaired to prevent expensive damage later.

At American Gutter Masters, we specialize only in gutter services in Cabot. Our team’s 21 years of experience and proficiency bring you competitive pricing with unparalleled customer support, ensuring that when you authorize us to fix your gutter system, you can be confident in securing your home against the elements for years to come.


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7 Common Gutter Problems

Listed below are several gutter problems that will result in costly water-induced damage if not fixed:

1. Leakages and Holes:

Even small leaks or holes in the guttering raise the risk of compromised water flow, triggering water to leak or pour out in unforeseen locations instead of flowing to the downspouts.

2. Sagging and Misalignment:

Gutters that are drooping or misaligned due to improper installation, damage, clogging, or insufficient support will trigger water to pool in certain areas instead of flowing toward downspouts.

3. Cracks and Splits:

Gradually, gutters might develop fractures and splits due to weathering or physical impact. These increase the danger of disturbing the smooth flow of water, resulting in rainwater overflow.

4. Corrosion and Rusting:

Metal gutters suffer from deterioration and rust with time, and this results in rough surface areas and holes, disrupting water flow, snagging debris, and damaging the gutter structure.

5. Improper Slope or Pitch:

Gutters should be angled a little toward the downspouts for water to flow correctly. A wrong slope will stop water from draining properly, triggering pooling and stagnation.

6. Detached Sections:

If areas of the gutter become disconnected from each other or the downspouts, water flow is badly disrupted, leading to spillage or overflow.

7. Clogs and Blockages:

Accumulating debris such as leaves, branches, and silt will obstruct gutters and downspouts, impeding water flow and triggering overflow.

If you are experiencing one of the above gutter indicators, CALL American Gutter Masters Cabot today at (870) 706-2017 or click on this link for a free quote. Do not let a small problem turn into a huge BILL!


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Nice clean job, didn’t have to call and remind them to come out and process for me was effortless. Thank you.


Service was fantastic They were on time Extremely courteous Very respectful of property They did a great job and cleaned up the mess will use them again and will recommend them to everyone Cannot thank you enough for a job really well done


Our Gutter Repair Process

First of all, our trained specialist will thoroughly inspect the entire roof drain system to establish the reason for the situation and try to find any other problems that require attending. As soon as the issues are detected and the state of the gutter system is examined, the needed repairs can be performed.

Common Gutter Repairs

Below is a list of common repairs we perform regularly to bring back ideal water flow and gutter system function:

  • Cleaning Clogged Gutters: Our gutter cleaning service staff gets rid of leaves, branches, and silt to ensure proper water flow and avoid overflow and the ensuing water damage to the home.
  • Sealing Leaks: Our staff utilizes sealant for little gutter holes or fractures to keep water from leaking.
  • Realigning and Releveling: Where required, we correct the slope of gutters to ensure water flows towards downspouts instead of pooling in specific areas.
  • Changing Damaged Sections: When damaged beyond repair, our repair professional will eliminate the broken sections of guttering and upgrade them with new sections.
  • Fixing or Replacing Downspouts: Dealing With, replacing, or re-aligning damaged or poorly lined up downspouts.
  • Re-securing Loose Gutters: We will tighten or change gutter wall mount hangers and fasteners to secure sagging gutters and detached gutter hangers.
  • Repairing Gutter End Caps: Our specialists will expertly repair or change leaking or missing end caps to prevent water from escaping the gutter channel.
  • Installing Gutter Guards: Our installation crew can install gutter guards or screens to prevent leaves and debris from getting in the gutter runs.

Call our friendly staff today at (870) 706-2017 and let our experienced team of gutter professionals repair your defective guttering and safeguard your home from water damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Offer A Warranty on Your Repairs?

Yes. All our repairs are warranted against defects and repair faults for one month. (Please note that American Gutter Masters guarantees the repair, not the guttering itself).

Is American Gutter Masters Insured?

Yes. We are fully insured against damage to your home and personal injury.

How Much Do Gutter Repairs Cost?

Gutter repair costs will vary depending on the extent and kind of damage. Call our friendly personnel at (870) 706-2017 for a free quote.

Are Your Repairers Experienced and Trained?

Yes, all our specialists are fully trained to the highest possible standards and have years of gutter service experience.

How long do gutter repairs take?

The majority of repairs can be effected extremely quickly. However, overall repair time will change depending on the number of repairs to be carried out and the availability of the guttering.

What should I do to prevent future gutter problems?

You can reduce the danger of future gutter problems by:

  • Cleaning your gutters regularly: Routine gutter cleaning guarantees optimum water flow, which lowers the threat of clogging, sagging, rusting, and corrosion.
  • Installing gutter guards: The installation of gutter guards decreases the accumulation of debris in the gutters, decreasing clogging, overflow, and leaks. Additionally, debris traps moisture and acidic rainwater, which speeds up the rusting and deterioration of gutters.
  • Make sure that your gutters are correctly aligned and fastened: To help with correct water drainage, Guttering needs to be properly secured and aligned.
  • Ensure proper gutter slope or pitch: Gutters need to be angled at the appropriate pitch to make sure water easily moves toward the downspouts. This prevents overflow and early deterioration of the gutter system.

What Kind Of Gutters Can You Repair?

American gutter Masters can repair most types and styles of gutter, including:

  • K-Style Gutters
  • Box Guttering
  • Half-Round Gutters
  • Fascia Gutters
  • Seamless Gutters
  • Vinyl Gutters
  • Steel Gutters
  • Aluminum Gutters

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