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Gutter guards are a type of filter or screen manufactured to prevent large debris from entering the gutter system. They reduce the risk of gutter clogging, blockages, and subsequent water damage to the home. Fitted over the gutter troughs, they filter large debris, thus maintaining optimal water flow.

The installation of gutter screens increases the life expectancy of the roof drainage system, cuts down cleaning frequency, and reduces the threat of clogging, guaranteeing the sufficient flow of rainwater to maintain optimal drainage.

Gutters are crucial for securing your property from water damage, roof leakages, and foundation issues. Rain gutters are manufactured to direct rainwater from the roof to the downspouts and safely away from the structure’s foundation. Maintaining a clear channel to allow unobstructed water flow is essential. When the gutter system becomes clogged up or blocked, it can not perform this important function, subjecting the property to an increased danger of major water damage.

Gutter guards, or leaf guards, as they are additionally known, are an effective approach to lessen the risk of internal and external water damage, roof leakages, and foundation problems by making sure an uninterrupted flow of water during rains!

At American Gutter Masters, we install only the best quality gutter guards. Their hinged, screen layout will extend the life of your gutter system and lessen the need for cleaning and routine servicing.

If your guttering currently has no guards or screens fitted, it’s time to protect your gutter system and your property with galvanized steel gutter guards from American Gutter Masters. Even so, gutter guard installation is a project best delegated the professionals, as working at heights is dangerous, and do it yourself gutter guards rarely offer acceptable outcomes.

This page offers thorough information on the benefits of gutter guards, the types offered, their benefits and drawbacks, and their importance in helping maintain an effective roof drainage system.

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Let our professional team at American Gutter Masters keep your property safe with the professional installation of gutter guards!

At American Gutter Masters, we focus solely on gutter services. Our team’s 21 years of experience and knowledge guarantee that when you entrust us with installing your new gutter guards, you can be confident in protecting your home against the elements for several years to come.

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Professional Gutter Screen Installation

Making sure that your gutter guards (screens) are correctly installed is crucial. Badly installed guards result in considerable problems, increasing the danger of damage to the guttering system and your home. We are fully insured, and our technicians are expertly trained to provide professional gutter guard installations. This ensures optimal functionality and durability of your roof drainage system, protecting your property for several years to come.

Properly functioning guttering is very important! Secure your property today with properly installed gutter guards from American Gutter Masters. Give us a call NOW at (870) 706-2017 for your free quote.

Gutter Guard Installation Costs

Prices vary based on the linear footage of the guttering to be covered and the accessibility of the whole gutter system.

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What Are Gutter Guards?

Gutter guards, leaf guards, or gutter screens, as they are additionally known, are protective tools installed over gutter troughs to prevent leaves, debris, and other materials from going into the gutters. These guards were developed to enable rainwater to get in the gutter while obstructing the bigger debris that usually leads to gutter blockages and water overflow issues.

What Are the Benefits of Gutter Guards?

  • Reduced Maintenance: Cleaning frequency can be lowered by installing guards. By preventing leaves and large debris from getting in the gutters, the accumulation of debris and subsequent obstructions is decreased, thereby reducing the need for cleaning.
  • Reduction of Clogs and Overflows: Clogged up gutters increase the risk of water overflow, and damage to the roof, walls, foundation, and landscaping around a home. Gutter screens prevent the larger debris that triggers clogging from getting into the roof drainage system.
  • Protection Against Water Damage: Water damage to the property is inconvenient and costly to mend. By making sure that water moves freely through the gutters and downspouts, rainwater is directed safely from the foundation. Thereby preventing basement flooding, foundation damage, and erosion around the property.
  • Prolonged Gutter Lifespan: Gutter lifespan is determined by the weather, maintenance, and great care. Gutters installed with screens are less likely to experience early rusting, deterioration, and rotting as they prevent the accumulation of wet debris inside the rain gutters. This extends the life-span of the gutter system.
  • Prevention of Ice Dams and Freezing: Ice dams increase the threat of extreme roof damage in freezing weather conditions. Gutter guards decrease the danger of ice dam development by helping with the efficient flow of water. This lowers the danger of water permeating into the roof, causing damage.
  • Inhibit Pest Infestations: Pests like birds, rodents, and insects find gutters to be an appealing habitat. Guards minimize the danger of invasions by presenting a physical obstacle to entry and decreasing standing water and natural materials that pests find appealing.
  • Improved Fire Protection: Fire protection in locations predisposed to wildfires is important. Gutter guards provide an included defense by preventing the buildup of dry leaves and debris, a potential fire danger if cinders fall on them.
  • Improved Property Value and Visual Appeals: Property value and curb appeal are essential to many homeowners. Well-kept gutters with gutter guards enhance the general aesthetics of a home and potentially increase its market price, specifically considering that the gutter system needs less upkeep.

What Are the Disadvantages of Gutter Guards?

  1. Maintenance Still Required: In spite of their existence, gutters with guards installed still need periodic cleaning and maintenance, as small debris accumulates gradually.
  2. Not Foolproof: They are not always effective against all kinds of debris; little particles like pine needles and seeds will find their way through the screens.
  3. Problems in Cleaning: When cleaning is necessary, gutter guards make the procedure more challenging and slow.
  4. Restricted Performance in Heavy Rainfall: Some gutter guard styles do not handle heavy rain well, resulting in rainwater overshooting the screen and guttering.

8 Types of Gutter Guards: Their Pros and Cons

Listed below, we have described the types of guards available together with their functions, primary benefits, and drawbacks:

1. Screen Gutter Guards

  • Features: Manufactured from metal or plastic, these have holes that let water through while obstructing larger debris.
  • Benefits: Fairly low-cost, quick to install, and excellent for obstructing big debris while maintaining ideal water flow.
  • Disadvantages: Small debris will still get in and the gutters will still need periodic cleaning.

2. Mesh Gutter Guards

  • Features: Fine mesh screens to permit water through while straining nearly all debris.
  • Benefits: Extremely reliable at removing a lot of debris types, consisting of little particles.
  • Downsides: More pricey than screen guards, more difficult to install, and need professional installation.

3. Foam Gutter Guards

  • Features: Made from porous foam, they are fitted straight into the gutter, allowing water to seep through while blocking debris.
  • Advantages: Easy to install and fairly effective at obstructing big and medium-sized debris.
  • Disadvantages: Prone to deterioration with time, supports the growth of mold and mildew, and small particles are easily trapped in the foam.

4. Brush Gutter Guards

  • Features: Contain bristles positioned upright in the gutter, they capture debris while letting water flow through.
  • Advantages: Simple to install and effective at obstructing large debris.
  • Downsides: Ineffective against little debris, usually hard to clean, and debris may get entangled in the bristles.

5. Surface Tension Guards (Helmet Design)

  • Features: Curved guards, installed over the gutter trough, allow water to hold on to the guard and flow into the guttering while debris falls off.
  • Advantages: Very reliable at dealing with heavy rainfall and keeping out all types of debris.
  • Disadvantages: Generally, the most expensive type, visible from the ground, requires professional installation. Water can overshoot the gutter in extremely heavy rain.

6. Micro-Mesh Gutter Guards

  • Features: Similar to mesh guards but with an even finer mesh for exceptional filtration.
  • Advantages: Exceptionally effective at shutting out all kinds of debris, including little particles.
  • Disadvantages: Often costly and require professional installation. Small particles block the mesh with time, requiring more regular cleaning than other styles.

7. Vinyl Gutter Guards

  • Features: Generally made of UV-stabilized PVC material, these might be either mesh or solid cover types.
  • Benefits: Rust-proof, fairly affordable, and simple to install.
  • Disadvantages: Less durable, especially in severe climate conditions, and end up being breakable gradually.

8. Aluminum Gutter Guards

  • Features: Made from aluminum, readily available in numerous types like mesh, strong covers, or perforated styles.
  • Benefits: Resilient, resistant to rust, and an ideal guard for various climate conditions.
  • Disadvantages: More expensive than vinyl guards and require professional installation for specific types.

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Gutter Guard Installation Process

Our professional installer will initially check your gutter system to determine its condition, type, and any specific requirements or difficulties. Precise measurements of the gutters are required to make sure that the gutter guards will fit flawlessly. Before installation, the gutters are thoroughly cleaned of all debris, leaves, and sediment. Any required repairs to the gutters, such as fixing loose areas or sealing leakages, are done to guarantee optimum functionality.

The gutter guards are then meticulously fitted onto the gutters. Guards are tightly secured to the gutters via the hinged mechanism, guaranteeing they are strong and won’t move in time. Our installer then checks that the rain gutters maintain an appropriate slope towards downspouts for dependable water flow. We then make sure the downspouts are clear and that the guards do not block water flow. Our installer then performs a last examination to ensure the guards are correctly installed, and the gutters are working properly.

Do It Yourself Versus Professional Installation

When looking into the installation of gutter guards, homeowners typically weigh the alternatives of DIY versus professional installation. While do it yourself might appear like an economical and rewarding strategy, there are convincing reasons to choose professional installation, particularly by experienced gutter experts like our staff at American Gutter Masters.

Do It Yourself Installation Advantages

  • Cost efficiency: The main benefit of do-it-yourself is the possible cost savings on labor costs.
  • Personal Satisfaction: There can be a sense of accomplishment in finishing a property improvement job yourself.
  • Immediate Execution: You can do the job yourself without waiting for a professional visit.

DIY Installation Downsides

  • Risk of Incorrect Installation: Without professional knowledge and experience, there’s a high danger of an inaccurate installation, leading to gutter guard failure and potential damage to your gutter system.
  • Safety Concerns: Dealing with ladders or at heights brings inherent safety risks, specifically without appropriate equipment or experience.
  • Time-Consuming: The procedure is slow and needs a significant time commitment, specifically for those not familiar with gutter maintenance and procedures.
  • Limited Access to Quality Materials: Service providers can access higher-quality products and a wider range of options than those available in stores.

Professional Installation by American Gutter Masters

  • Expertise and Experience: American Gutter Masters brings years of experience and competence, guaranteeing correct installation and effective performance.
  • Quality Assurance: We choose premium components and offer a guarantee, providing long-term peace of mind.
  • Safety: Our staff of technicians are trained to work safely in high locations and have the proper tools to prevent mishaps.
  • Convenience: Our staff of highly knowledgeable experts deals with the installation process, offering a hassle-free experience for the property owner.
  • Long-Term Cost Savings: Although there’s an upfront expense, our professional installation service will save you cash in the long run by preventing issues due to improper installation.

What Kind Of Gutter Guards Does American Gutter Masters Install?

We Install screen leaf guards. These are made from galvanized steel, so they are strong, long lasting, and weather-resistant. They can be found in 2 sizes to fit 5-inch and 6-inch gutters and are hinged for convenient access to the gutter channel for cleaning. These are a terrific all-rounder option as they are sensibly priced, provide an excellent balance between filtration and maximum water flow, and have a long life expectancy.

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